Lack of Control Case Study

Final Webpage Design




In my quarter 3 XHTML class we were to design and code a fully functional website with hand code. I have always had this idea of owning a clothing brand so choosing a topic was easy for me.  Before coming up with ideas of my own I research a variety of clothing line websites to see what made them so popular.


Once I had general idea of what I wanted to do I began to create a wireframe map of the page itself , the subpages, and the information I wanted to include for each page.



I took my ideas from paper to Adobe Photoshop to create a digital mockup of how I wanted my website to look and feel.

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 12.32.05 PM

Logo Design:

Since this was an idea that was already in my head I had a basic concept for the logo and branding for Lack of Control clothing. I finalized the concept in Adobe Illustrator as well as all my t shirt designs then put them on t shirt mockups to create a sense of realism.



Final Website:

With the mockups and logo designs finished I began to hand code the whole website beginning with the home page.