Dinorama Case Study


The objective of this project was to design and animate a unique diorama using 3D space in After Effects. This animation was to be built in the HD 1080 preset lasting 15 seconds. The specifications were as followed 12 key-framed elements, a closing and opening "curtain", sounds effects where needed, and a 10 second fade in and out to black.


Seeing as this is my second time doing this project I felt like I knew what I was doing especially the second time around but it always help to rematch some of the other dioramas students did to get the creative juices flowing. This time I wanted to have a cause and effect to the scene so after coming up with a few ideas I narrowed it down to Dinosaurs. Thus the Dinorama was born!


Before every project especially animation, I storyboard because it helps get my ideas on paper and bring structure to the project. The storyboards also act as a guide when I start to animate in After Effects. It helps to have something to look at when illustrating and animating so you don't have to feel like your starting from scratch.



For this animation to come to life I need assets so I found some images I felt matched my vision and began to trace them in illustrator while adding my own style to the overall design. I wanted my assets to be vector because that is a style that I am most comfortable with and it matches cartoon like feel I wanted my animation to have.   Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 9.08.01 PM

Final Project:

Although this is my second attempt at this project I felt like there were just as many road blocks. I the idea on paper and designed now the only thing left to do was animate. the animations were simple to accomplish because it is a popup style animation but the only issue was transition. I needed to go from the jurassic age to the ice age using a meteor... Easier said than done... After a few attempts I used a shatter effect after the meteor hit which not only created the perfect a transition but funny as well. Overall I feel like this is a rewarding project and I am lucky I was able to do it twice.